Repairs and Services

When your computer is sick, call us quick!
There's nothing the doctor can't fix!

These are services we provide for your wayward computer.




Ready to rip you computer apart. Let us do it for you and tell you what is wrong.

Data Recovery

When you need something from your hard drive.

Virus, Spy-ware, Ad-ware Removal

Some bug has got your computer running overtime and you need it removed.

Format and Reload

When Windows goes, we get it back. Then we give you firewall, virus, and spy-ware protection.


Connect multiple computers to one internet connection.

New Computers

Old "Trusty Rusty" has had it and you need something new.


When you need to keep up with the latest information to use computers better.

Getting Around


Repairs and Services
-Data Recovery
-Virus/Spy/Ad-ware Removal
-Format and Reload
-New & Custom Computers

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